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About us

We're a Cognitive Neuroscience research lab based at SISSA, in Trieste, Italy. Under the lead of the PI, Davide Crepaldi, we investigate reading, language and learning in the human mind and brain, using an array of methods that includes chronometric experiments, eye tracking, electrophysiology, computational modelling, fMRI and MEG.

The PI

Davide Crepaldi is an Associate Professor at SISSA, where he runs his lab and coordinates the Cognitive Neuroscience group.

Main Projects

The Lab's work is centered around three main lines of research, which cover words' internal structure (Linguistic Morphology), probabilistic learning in reading, word meaning and awareness.

The lab currently includes around 15 members at SISSA, plus another few people based at CIMeC, Trento, for the most part of their time. Explore our fantastic team here!

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