The Lab's work is centered around three main lines of research, which you can discover by clicking on Main Projects in the menu on the right. The Statistical Learning and Reading line of research investigates how the visual word identification system takes up regularities in words' internal structure, and use this knowledge to give sense of its input quickly and efficiently. In the Perceptual Experience and Word Meaning thread, we study how the former influences the latter; or more specifically, how sensori-motor (embodied, some would say) information integrates with more abstract, non-embodied processing to produce linguistic meaning. To what extent this very complex information is extracted outside of awareness is the issue that we take up in the Word Meaning Outside Awareness line of research.
We also have smaller scale projects on other issues, such as bilingualism, valenced words (such as love or death), and speech perception. These will be illustrated in the Collaboration and Smaller Project section, which is still under construction.