Research Assistants and Junior Students

Mara De Rosa

Mara is a Master student in Cognitive Neuroscience at CIMeC (Center for Mind/Brain Sciences). She earned a bachelor degree in Philosophy at University of Trento, with a thesis on Biology and Aesthetics. Alumna at Collegio di Merito Bernardo Clesio, she studied at West Virginia University, where she has been awarded with the President's list.

In the lab, Mara is working on morphological processing, and in particular she's asking whether morphological effects may be driven on statistical regularities in letter co-occurrence.


Piermatteo Morucci

Piermatteo completed his master studies in Linguistics at University College of London before joining Davide's lab at SISSA as a research assistant in 2016, and then again in 2017.

In the lab, Piermatteo investigates word meaning in congenitally blind people, to assess the role of perceptual experience in shaping semantics.


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