Research Assistants and Junior Students

Francesca Di Giovanni

Francesca got a Bachelor degree in Physics at the University of Torino and she is currently a Master student in Physics of Complex Systems, an international programme based in Torino (Politecnico), Trieste (Sissa) and Paris (Pierre et Marie Curie University). She is interested in exploring the world of Cognitive Neuroscience and see which are the possible meeting points with Physics, Statistics and Computational Science. 

Gabriele Sarti

Gabriele got his Computer Science college degree in Québec, Canada and is currently enrolled in the MSc in Data Science and Scientific Computing at the University of Trieste and SISSA. After an internship in natural language processing at the Institute for Computational Linguistics (ILC-CNR) in Pisa, he joined the lab for his master thesis on cognitively-informed neural language models for linguistic complexity assessment under the joint supervision of Davide Crepaldi and Felice Dell'Orletta. 

His main research interests concern possible applications of deep learning models to the field of psycholinguistics, combining textual inputs with cognitive processing signals such as eye-tracking metrics to simulate cognitive responses in automatic systems.

Ekaterina Torubarova

Ekaterina obtained her BA in Cognitive Studies at the St. Petersburg State University in Russia. She then enrolled into the MSc program in Cognitive Neuroscience at CIMeC (University of Trento). She joined the lab as a member of the UniTrento-SISSA joint program, working on her master thesis with Davide and Roberto Bottini.

In the lab, Ekaterina is studying the depth of unconscious semantic processing using psychophysics and computational semantic models.

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