Submitted Papers

Prediction at the intersection of sentence context and word form: Evidence from eye-movements in reading


Psychonomic Bulletin & Review


April, 2021

A key issue in language processing is how we recognize and understand words in sentences. Research on sentence reading indicates that the time we need to read a word depends on the amount of (un)expected information that it conveys. On the other side, research on single word recognition shows that each word also has its own recognition dynamics based on the relation between its orthographic form and its meaning. It is not clear, however, how these sentence-level and word-level dynamics interact.

Morphological priming of inflectional suffixes


Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition


January, 2020

This paper investigates inflectional suffix priming in Slovene, and compare it to stem priming. Read more in the paper pre-print here

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