Submitted Papers

The limits of unconscious semantic processing


Psychological Science


April, 2020

Do supraliminal and subliminal priming capture different facets of words’ semantic representations? We used metaphorical priming between space and time as a test bed for this question, and find results suggesting that unconscious word processing is mostly limited to linguistically–encoded information, while consciousness may be needed to fully activate semantic representations.

Check out more on OSF/PsyArXiv, where you can find a pre-print of the paper and all the relevant data and analysis scripts.

Morphological priming of inflectional suffixes


Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition


January, 2020

This paper investigates inflectional suffix priming in Slovene, and compare it to stem priming. Read more in the paper pre-print here

Masked morphological priming tracks the development of a fully mature lexical system in L2


Journal of Memory and Language


June, 2019

This paper investigates masked orthographic and morphological priming in L1 Italian, L2 English readers, whose L2 proficiency profile was assessed with a wide battery of tests. Read more by clicking on the title or, to see what we found, check out our pre-print here


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