Submitted Papers

Time trend of neuropsychological functions in patients with high grade gliomas: can cognitive status predict survival or relapse?




August, 2018

Here we tested whether the neuropsychological profile of High-Grade Glioma patients can predict tumour relapse, on an unselected sample of 102 patients. It turns out that this is indeed the case. We also developed and validated a wide-spectrum neuropsychological battery for HGG. [Click on the title to read more.] 

Consistency measures individuate dissociating semantic activation networks in priming paradigms: A new look on semantics in the processing of (complex) words


Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology (2018)


June, 2018

Here we show (again, see Marelli et al., QJEP 2015, Marelli and Amenta, in press at BRM, and Amenta et al., PBR 2017) how the reading/language system is sensitive to islands of (probabilistic) regularity in the mapping between form and language. In particular, we show how this qualifies priming patterns, both morphological and semantic, masked and overt. [Read more by clicking on the title.]  

Word meaning with and without consciousness: Insights from metaphorical priming


Cognitive Science


November, 2017

Here we explore the role of consciusness in accessing word meaning through priming experiments with conceptual metaphors. [Read more by clicking on the title.]

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