Where we are

SISSA is one of the several research institutions located in Trieste, a tiny little Italian enclave in the Karst region, otherwise Slovenian. Trieste was part of the Asburgic empire until WW1, and was its major sea access — at that time, it was really in the club of the most trendy European cities. Thanks to this peculiarity, and the widely troubled years that the city had between WW1 and WW2, Trieste is a very interesting mix between mid European grandeur, Slavic pride, and Italian lifestyle. Nowadays, the city is a perfect blend between a big city cultural offer (especially in the summer, when Trieste blossoms in festivals and nightlife), the natural wonder offered by the sea and the mountains nearby, and the livability of mid-sized European urban areas.

The campus is located a little outside the city, a 15-minute bus ride from the central piazza Oberdan. The bus number is 38, which technically leaves from via Galatti (literally 5 meters out of Oberdan). The campus location is just fantastic — it's basically a terrace over the Trieste gulf, offering breathtaking views on the city and the sea.

Lots of extra-research reasons to come and visit!