Yamil Vidal

After obtained a degree in Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires and working at the labs of Mariano Sigman and Agustin Ibanez, I moved to Trieste, Italy, to complete a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience under the supervision of Jacques Mehler, director of the Language, Cognition and Development Lab, SISSA, Italy, and the co-supervision of Tristan Bekinschtein, director of the Consciousness and Cognition Lab, University of Cambridge, UK. During my PhD, I used EEG and pupillometry to study auditory speech processing from a Predictive Coding perspective. I'm now starting a PostDoc at the Language, Learning and Reading Lab, SISSA, directed by Davide Crepaldi.

My main research interest is how the brain uses prediction to create a model of the environment. I think that in recent years, our metaphor for the brain has been refined. Instead of being a generic information processing device, it has come to be a device of a particular type. This is, a predictive machine that takes a glimpse of noisy information from its environment and, together with past experiences, uses it to construct a model of reality.

Even though the predictive machine metaphor has become a powerful guiding idea, in order to turn it into a truth theory of the mind, it is necessary to link it to concrete functional neuroanatomy. There is still a huge gap between our new metaphor for the brain and our understanding of what the brain is actually doing.

My main technical background is in EEG. Besides ERP analysis, I have experience in intracranial EEG, wavelet and connectivity analysis. As I have a strong interest in functional neuroanatomy, my current efforts are focused in moving from sensor space analysis to source space. I also have a strong interest in the application of machine learning techniques to the analysis of neuroimaging data.