Yangwen Xu

Yangwen Xu got his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience under the supervision of Yanchao Bi at Beijing Normal University, China. His main interest is to investigate how does the brain, as an electrical and biological machine, construct and manipulate concepts or thoughts. In his PhD, he has proposed a tri-network neurocognitive model to capture different aspects of semantic processing (multimodal experiential, language-supported, and semantic control), based on the topological structure of the semantic system in the brain. He has also tried to unravel the neural representation of two different types of semantic relations: the taxonomic relation (e.g., teacher-doctor) and the thematic one (e.g., teacher-chalk).

In the lab, he aims to unravel the spatiotemporal neural basis underlying linguistic versus experiential aspects of semantic processing, and to shed light on the nature of neuroplasticity in the blind.