Morphemes as letter chunks: Linguistic information enhances the learning of visual regularities


EWCN2022: European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology, Bressanone (OnlyOnline)


January, 2022


Maria Ktori, Jarosław R. Lelonkiewicz, Davide Crepaldi

Using an artificial script, we have previously demonstrated that readers use co-occurrence statistics to learn about the presence and position of af ix-like chunks in strings of pseudo-letters (Lelonkiewicz, Ktori & Crepaldi, 2020). These findings were taken as evidence that visual statistical learning might be implicated in morphological processing during visual word recognition. In a series of experiments, the present study seeks to specify further this claim by (a) establishing the visual, language-agnostic nature of the underlying learning mechanism and (b) examining it in the presence of higher-order linguistic information.