Neural correlates of discourse-level comprehension for different text types


Salzburg Annual Meeting (SAMBA), Salzburg (Austria), July 11 - 12, 2019


July, 2019


Xu, Y., Vignali, L., Collignon, O., Crepaldi, D., Bottini, R.

Default mode network (DMN) involved in discourse-level comprehension. Two hypotheses regarding its involvement (Jacoby & Fedorenko, 2018):

  • Content-Dependent Hypothesis: DMN involved due to situation model construction (Zwaan & Radvansky, 1998), specially for narratives, etc.

  • Content-Independent Hypothesis: DMN involved due to long-temporal-window information integration (Hasson et al., 2015), for all text types.

To distinguish between these hypotheses, in this fMRI experiment, we employed inter-subject correlation (ISC; Hasson et al., 2009) analyses to investigate whether DMN is involved in the discourse-level comprehension of argumentative texts, which demand for long-temporal-window information integration but not situation model construction.