Cross-word priming during sentence reading


Congress of the Experimental Psychology Society, UK


January, 2021


Crepaldi, Davide

There is little contact between theories of individual word identification and sentence processing models. In this talk, I present a study, led by Katarina Marjanovic and carried out in collaboration with Yamil Vidal, where we tried to bridge this gap by assessing cross-word priming during natural reading. By combining eye tracking and EEG, we found that cross-word semantic priming (“…the cat and the dog…” vs. “…the table and the dog…”) is solid and strong, both in eye tracking metrics and in Fixated-Related Potentials (FRPs). This is not the case for morphological priming (“…the cat and the dog…” vs. “…the cats and the dog…”), which doesn’t seem to emerge in sentence context.